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Welcome, doods & doodettes, to dykons, the official icon journal of the award-winning girl what does this.

My name is Caroline & I will be your icon maker.

For a sampling of my work you may want to check out my personal icons. All were made by me unless otherwise noted.

Everything here is archived in the memories. I use tags, too, but those are less specific.

If you would like to take one or several of the icons I have here, you are more than welcome to do so. But please credit in keywords or comments, & comment on the entry so I know where my icons are going.

If enough people fail to credit then I will lock this shit & make it Friends Only & then you'll've spoiled it for everyone.

Now that that's outta the way, we can get on to the icons. Essentially they'll just be whatever I feel like making whenever I feel like making them; if you have a specific request, or even just a suggestion for a theme/subject, you may comment with it on the official request post. But I won't get mad at you if you forget & do it on another post.

You can also e-mail me if you need to. But don't AIM me unless it's an emergency, cuz that's irritating.

And my regular journal is psychobiddy.



simply the best.